JAFCA & Seven Mountain Media offers a range of practical film making courses taught by experienced film makers, including Directing, Production, Film making for beginners and Cinematography.
Take the leap and start making your own movies! Whether you’re mastering short, dynamic films for social media or planning the next blockbuster, there is a course for you. Taught with industry standard equipment in our central London studios, our Film School will give you the tools to hone your creative vision and technical knowledge, so you can create exciting and inspiring films..

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Filmmaking for Beginners

Filmmaking for Beginners is a crash course in filmmaking offering a fun and practical introduction for beginners.

Covering all the basics you need to get started: from setting up a camera, to developing a narrative, lighting scenes, recording audio and editing, our film course will encourage you to explore both the creative and technical elements of making your own films.

Short Film Course

filmmaking course amman jordan

Dive right into the world of filmmaking and devise, shoot and edit your very own short film in collaboration with your class mates with our Short Film Course. As you take part in this creative filmmaking challenge you will develop all the filmmaking skills you need to begin making films of your own.

You will devise a concept, storyboard and script your short film as a group with the support of your tutor. You will then form a tight knit production crew, rotating roles to shoot and direct in the piece, before editing your group’s creation to take home with you at the end of the course. Actors will be provided to bring your creations to life!

Our short filmmaking course is suitable for beginners, so as well as developing creative and practical filmmaking skills, you will also cover all the basic technical knowledge you need to know to operate cinema & DSLR cameras, light scenes, record audio and edit film.

Short Film Courses Content

During our Short Film Course, you will cover:

  • Pre-production planning and development
  • Scriptwriting and editing
  • Location and Storyboarding
  • Shot plan
  • Rehearsal and direction of actors
  • Camera operating with professional cinema cameras
  • Lighting and Sound Recording
  • Editing footage with professional software

You will receive friendly guidance and feedback from your tutor throughout our course.

To find out the latest news about our film school, courses and workshops and to chat with past and present filmmaking students, you can join the Seven Mountain Media Instagram Group

Film Editing with Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is the editing software of choice for filmmakers from the hobbyist to industry professionals. If you are shooting film or video and/or working with any Adobe software product then mastering Adobe Premiere will open the door to editing, effects, sound and graphics.

Our hands-on beginner’s level film editing course teaches participants to perform editing functions while becoming familiar with the user interface. Led by film industry professionals our video editing course is delivered in our central Weibdeh – Amman editing suite.

No previous knowledge of Adobe Premiere is required, our course is designed for beginners and those with a little experience. The course does require knowledge of basic PC skills. 

This course will lead you through the basics of using this powerful software package, working on practical, hands on examples and exercises ensuring you benefit from practical experience and learn useful tips and tricks.

Film Editing with Adobe Premiere Course Content

  • Understanding Workspaces
  • Organising footage
  • Inserting footage onto the timeline
  • Building a first assembly
  • Understanding cutting and trimming
  • Using transitions and effects
  • Manipulating audio, adding music and sound effects
  • Working with Graphics and Legacy Titles
  • Using ultra key
  • Key-framing effects over time
  • Editing a promo for a client
  • Exporting different files types
  • Publishing to video sharing sites

Writing Courses

Our adult Writing Courses give you the opportunity to develop new writing skills in a welcoming and friendly environment.

Whether you want to refine your writing skills or try something completely new, we have the Writing Course for you.

For beginners to the world of writing, we recommend one of our Creative Writing, Script Writing or Sitcom Writing courses. If you’re looking for something as a great foundation, why not try our 5 Day Creative Writing Intensive Course?

Alternatively, we have specialist Writing Courses in Writing for Film, Novel Writing, Blogging, Business Writing, Writing for TV, Poetry, or Children’s Writing. 

Photography Courses

digital photography seven mountain media amman jordan

Our Photography Courses give you the technical know-how to start making the most of your digital SLR, whilst helping you develop a creative approach to photography.

Our Photography Courses will equip you with the practical know-how to make the most of your digital SLR or mirrorless camera, and are full of projects and exercises to unleash your creativity. From gaining an understanding of the basic principles and techniques with our Digital Photography for Beginners to creating unique imagery with Fine Art Photography we will develop your creative approach to photography.

Based in one of our professional central Amman studios and covering a range of subjects, explore the art of great photography in a dynamic and practical learning environment. From our range of workshops and courses in Portrait, Street Photography, Documentary and Studio Lighting to our foundation courses and summer schools we have classes to suit all interests.

Introduction to Digital Photography

Digital photography courses

Our Introduction to Digital Photography courses are perfect for anyone new to digital photography or those who have had their camera for sometime and would like to learn the basics, or have a refresher on the principles of digital photography.

This practical workshop will teach you how to balance exposure and the effects that ISO, aperture and shutter speed have on your images. You will also learn some tips and tricks with composition to help elevate the aesthetics of your photographs.

Once you have been guided through the manual controls of your camera and gained a firm understanding of exposure and composition in a classroom setting, you will head out to some iconic Amman locations and put your new skills to the test under the expert guidance of a Seven Mountain Media photography tutor.



During our one day workshop you will cover the essential topics to give you the confidence you need to move ahead with DSLR photography.

  • DSLR/mirrorless camera handling
  • Manual and semi-automatic camera modes
  • Aperture (f/stops and depth of field)
  • Shutter speed (capturing motion)
  • Auto-focus modes and focus points
  • ISO settings
  • Composition basics
  • Understanding file formats (JPEG vs RAW)

Examples of Amman locations you might visit on our digital photography for beginners course include; The Citedal, Jabal Al Weibdeh, Al Balad – Downtown Amman, Roman Amphitheater and Rainbow Street.

photography and film making Amman Jordan seven mountain media

photography and film making Amman Jordan


Ideal for beginners or those with basic photography knowledge.


photography and film making Amman JordanSTYLES

A comprehensive course, featuring classroom based learning exercises and some location shooting around Amman.


photography and film making Amman JordanEQUIPMENT

Not sure if you have the right camera? Call our Student Services team on 0785857205 or email info@seven2m.com



We recommend you bring the following equipment with you to the course:

  • DSLR or mirrorless camera with full manual controls
  • Your camera’s manual
  • Fully charged battery
  • An empty memory card
  • Light rucksack or bag
  • Lightweight tripod (for some classes, if owned)
  • Comfortable shoes
  • External flash (for some classes, if owned)

Our Approach

Our photography classes are designed to fully equip you with the technical knowledge you need to get the most out of your photography, and provide you with projects and exercises to utilise your creativity. The classes are limited to a small size, so tutors are able to offer you the technical support you need, give you practical hands-on experience and constructive feedback to develop your photography skills.

All of our classes involve focussed, classroom based theory learning, but major on practical exercises. We are committed to offering an enjoyable experience as we guide you through comprehensive technical training and build your confidence as you explore your creative ideas and experimenting with various techniques.